I’m standing on a four way street which path should I follow?

Many people choose to go through life not committing themselves to a spiritual system. I mean how can you, when you do not know what’s real. So many belief systems, so many choices. Often time you find yourself asking which way should I go?

My advice is simple, do your research before you affiliate yourself with anything. Everyone should have a form of protection. Everyone should have a sacred source to connect to. However, you shouldn’t listen to people or follow the crowd. Instead, research to learn the basics of what you feel comfortable practicing. Once you have determined which spiritual system best fits you, its time to find a house.

Again, take your time, do some research, attend a few services get to know the head priest/priestess or who ever owns and leads that temple. If that is someone you can trust and get along with, have them perform a basic service for you. It can be a simple reading, or a cleansing. See how you feel afterwards before moving forward.

Best of all, pray and ask God and your spirits to guide you to the right house.

Be sure to stand for what you believe in, in other words, if you go to a temple and you see something being done that you do not like or agree with, know that it is perfectly fine to walk away and continue your search (I went to 2 different temples before I committed myself to the one I am in now).


Remember be patient and trust your journey.


Good luck in your search